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Since 2004 I’ve been applying my 6 years of education in Art Studies,
from my youth, through coding my own websites
independently using HTML and CSS.

And since 2010, I’ve also been utilising the myriad features and possibilities offered by the open source platform.

If you’re a client who has experienced my astrology sessions, you would appreciate that I always use the most advantageous tools in my work for you. I’m always seeking out the best, the exceptional.

So, in 2017, I purchased a lifetime license to design websites with Divi, the most popular  Wordpress theme and ultimate visual site builder on the net. Currently there are more than 2 million websites, globally, that have been designed using the comprehensive Divi Builder tools by Elegant Themes.


Wordpress now powers 43% of the sites on the Net !


One of my great life-changing moments — the essence of simplicity, itself — occurred when I tasted  gomashio* for the first time at the age of twenty.

*A Japanese condiment made from
grinding toasted sesame seeds
with sea salt in a suribachi

It was like waking from a coma. A new reality, and yet an old reality, slapped me in the face and opened my mind to everything I had surely once-known about Japan. I was ‘home’ again.

My life changed from that moment. I devoured every drop of inspiration I could find from Japanese culture and values. Everything from food and gardens to architecture and Zen philosophy. And of course, this led me to its roots in ancient China, which in turn led me to Taoism, the other philosophical half of the foundation for Zen Buddhism (Chan).

I could see from my earlier studies of the Bauhaus, how Japanese Zen simplicity and essentialism had infiltrated Western designers from the early 20th century. Even Frank Lloyd Wright had been inspired by Japanese architecture. And, of course, Steve Jobs had been greatly inspired by Zen aesthetics, which he brought to Apple products via Jony Ive.

Sprinkled throughout the websites I now design, is a pinch of that gomashio. I strive to maintain elegant simplicity and the harmony of space in my designs, with a touch of the yang of salt — yet with a sense of no-rushing — and always within the scope of my client’s needs.   

Have a poke around in my site design examples, and if you’d like to have a talk about a new design for your own site, email me so we can make an appointment for a call.

Cheers !

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PS: I buy my Premium Hojicha
(roasted green tea, from Kyoto)
from Zen Wonders in Melbourne
…And I make my own gomashio!