Example Rates Only

For my Exceptional Purpose Clients

Why So Cheap ?

Firstly, I don’t charge by the hour. My fees are tailored for the project. So these fees, above, are rough estimates and are special rates. I will work with you until you are 100% satisfied with your website design, within the bounds of our original project design agreement.

These discounted rates are for my existing Astrology clients. And if that’s you, you would have experienced at least a BigView session with me, and hopefully the Zoom-In session as well (or one of my mega-sessions decades ago!), so we have already covered much of the background prep needed to design a site in harmony with your Exceptional Purpose.

Whether needing a specialised flower essence formula, a focused RedgateSpace-Living sabotage-clearing consultation, or a website, your Astrology sessions lay the foundation for a unique and personal result designed exclusively for you.

Important Notes

  • All prices are in Australian dollars (lucky you, if you’re in the US or EU!)
  • PRICES COULD VARY depending on your requirements, so these listed prices are guidelines only, and for my existing clients — for these reasons
  • NOT A CLIENT? That’s OK. We can discuss a price and a contract for your immediate needs
  • Just needing a Blog design & set-up? Let’s talk and we can negotiate a deal for you
  • If you’re in a hurry for your site, we can negotiate a higher fee (example above is A$1,800 for 4 pages) where I’ll be able to focus on your site exclusively after I’ve received your copy and any images you’d like to include (as I normally also see astrology clients alongside my website work — another reason for my lower fees, which helps clients who are just starting out and needing a website)
  • Prices DO include a private limited Divi sub-license (attached to my own premium Divi Lifetime license) for your site(s), so that you can receive automatic updates to Divi (both for security and design features) while I’m still your preferred webdev for your Divi site(s). If you wish to engage a new Divi-experienced web designer, he/she must replace the sub-license I’ve given you with one generated specifically for you via his/her own Divi License.
  • Prices DO NOT include webhosting, domain name registration (I’m happy to offer some suggestions for hosting for domains and sites), or premium plugins you may desire (I will always seek out the most economical and usually free services and plugins options for you — and with Divi, you’ll need very few third-party plugins)

And, of course, all the pages of this site—bearing in mind, they are designed for my own work, and yours can look entirely different, as you choose, and as fits your Purpose.


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